Make-Up and Skincare

Make-Up and Skincare Session – €45

I am renown for my skincare passion and make-up knowledge and experience, that is why I am bursting with excitement on launching this service.

There are so many products available, new products constantly being released and new advice about how we should be caring for our skin, and it can become a minefield of confusion.  The internet has added to this confusion, of course it is a useful tool for research but it does come with it’s pros and cons.  We have seen a rise in beauty and make-up ‘experts’ that have sensationalised techniques and methods that have been used for years, these trade secrets have been made available creating this sudden craze which has become overwhelming when it doesn’t need to be.

My objective is break down this unnecessary and overwhelming information and go over your skincare concerns and make up fears.

After conducting a skin analysis, I will discuss with you what my conclusions are. I will then advise you what will be the best regime for you based on your lifestyle and budget. I will then apply your make-up, afterwards we will remove this and then you will apply your make-up. During this time I will make suggestions, recommendations and guide you, ensuring you use the best application techniques to achieve the look you want. At the end of the session you will have a clear understanding of what suits you best and you will leave feeling skincare and make-up confident.

1.5 Hours