I use two different Lycon waxes, Lycon is an excellent virtually pain free wax that delivers excellent result.

Strip/Cool Wax – This is a wax that is applied with a spatula in the direction of the hair growth.  A paper strip is then pressed onto the wax and quickly pulled to remove the hair.  Strip/cool wax is suited to legs, eyebrows etc

Hot Wax  – This is a wax that again is applied with a spatula, however this wax can get very hot so the temperature will need to be checked prior to application.  Once the temperature is checked the wax is applied to the area where hair removal is required.  The wax then solidifies, but a small lift lip is created before it does so, once the wax is totally cold it is pulled at the lift lip and hair is removed.  Hot wax is suited to thicker and coarse hair such as under arm and bikini line.

Full Leg – €22

1/2 Leg – €17

Bikini Line – €12

Full Arm – €20

Forearm – €12

Under Arm – €12

Eyebrows – €7

Upper Lip – €7

Chin – €7